Caffé Bom – Eastwood

IMG_2757I recently discovered Caffé Bom on the Korean side of Eastwood, what attracted me into cafe was the dutch coffee filter displayed near the entrance. According to the staff, the coffee is slowly drip-brewed over 8 to 12 hours with cold water and fine ground coffee beans.

IMG_2758The interior of the cafe is decorated with antique clocks; photo frames; paintings and ornaments. Each table was unique but all had an antique touch to it. The place reminded me of the home of Winnie & Tom – an old couple who were my neighbours 20 years ago, a very generous and hospitable couple who worked with an organisation called MMM (

IMG_2768The order was a Waffle Set with Green Tea Latte ($6.90 + extra $0.20 for GT Latte) and a dutch coffee ($4.50).

IMG_2761IMG_2765I enjoyed the Green Tea Latte, it wasn’t too bitter nor was it diluted, the small waffle was topped with icing sugar and served with cream, as with the dutch coffee it tasted similar to an espresso but was served cold and was comparatively not as bitter.

IMG_2763The cafe also serves a variety of desserts (a selection of home-made gelato; cakes; chocolate fondue) lunch and dinner (pasta dishes; traditional Korean dishes…)


Caffé Bom

15 Railway Parade, Eastwood NSW
(02) 9874 3363


Caffé Bom on Urbanspoon


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