Ox Bone Marrow Soup + Soba with Salmon & Soy Dressing


Last Sunday, Kelvin & Esta invited us over to SMBC (Sydney Missionary & Bible College) where they are currently living whilst Kelvin studies there full-time. Kelvin had spent the night before preparing the Ox Bone Marrow Soup to get the marrow nice and soft and for all the flavours to come out.

We watched them prepare the chilled soba (Japanese for buckwheat) noodles. The noodles were served with smoked salmon & a lovely soy, ginger, garlic & sesame oil dressing topped with spring onion, seaweed and blanched green beans.

The soup has increased my appreciation for bone marrow, as the best part was to gently scrape the marrow out of the bone for a melt-in-your-mouth experience.

Enjoy the photos!



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