Cooking Crew Feast


I’ve been cooking with my “Cooking Crew” for a couple of years now, we’re a group of friends who share a few things in common- but mainly we love food and we love Jesus. We know each other from going to the same church and realised that we like to cook & eat – so one day we thought why not cook & eat together?

This time we invited friends from other friendship circles to join us in our culinary adventures, it was a great opportunity to get to know new friends through cooking, eating and playing some Jenga.

I will share some of the recipes in my future posts, but here’s the menu and a few snapshots.

  1. Kenny and Kerry made a Slow Cooked Chicken Tomatoes Medley with crispy potatoes
  2. Karen made a Ricotta Pumpkin Lasagne
  3. Sammy cooked a pot of mussels with an Asian touch along and Creme Brulée (unfortunately the blowtorch wasn’t working properly)
  4. Karen’s friend Garum made a delicious Lemon Pie
  5. Peter & I made Osso Bucco

Stay tuned for recipes…



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