F4T: Not Just About Food

As much as I love food, life is not just about culinary adventures.

I have been going through a book called ‘Ecclesiastes‘ at a bible study group on Sunday mornings.

The author of Ecclesiastes had it all – wealth, possession, power, achievements, knowledge, women, entertainment and the best food and wine. Yet even with all that he had, he concluded that everything is meaningless.

We are never satisfied with what we have – think of food for example, the more we eat – the more we want. Whether we are rich or poor; royal or peasant; grow old or die young; eat good food or scraps, the same fate awaits us all – naked we came and naked we will leave.

Ecclesiastes can be a sombre read, as the book makes us realise that we are only a speck in this universe – that our accomplishments will not be remembered in years, decades or centuries to come.

It gives me great hope to know that here-and-now is not all that there is and that there is meaning in life found through knowing Jesus as King & Saviour.



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