Sushi-Ya – Chatswood


Sushi-Ya is located down the road from Westfield & Chatswood Chase where there is less hustle and bustle.

My family & I have been eating at Sushi-Ya for a number of years. This place has become one of our favourite Japanese restaurants to go to for a casual weekend dinner.

Our family favourites include the variety of made-to-order sushi rolls (eg. Dragon Roll; Soft Shell Crab Roll; Smokey Mango Roll – just to name a few); we love the salads that come with the set meals and we always order their green tea & black sesame ice cream as dessert.

Here’s what we ordered on this occasion:

  • Teriyaki Beef – sliced prime beef marinated in teriyaki sauce with a side salad ($17.50 Set*)
  • Teriyaki Salmon – fresh salmon filet marinated in teriyaki sauce with a side salad ($19.50 Set*)
  • Unagi – grilled eel on a bed of rice ($25 Set*)
  • Smokey Mango Roll – smoked salmon wrapped around a roll of avocado and mango with basil & balsamic sauce ($10.30; 6pcs)
  • Tropical Roll – assorted sashimi on top of california roll ($16.80; 8pcs)
  • Soft Shell Crab Roll – soft shell crab and lettuce served with sweet chilli sauce ($12.50; 6pcs)
  • Pork Katsu Udon – pork schnitzel with noodles and soup ($13.50)
  • Takoyaki – deep fried octopus balls with bonito flakes, seaweed & Japanese mayonnaise ($10.90; 8pcs)
  • Green Tea & Black Sesame Ice Cream with red bean, cornflakes & wafers ($9 for 3 scoops)

* Set = served with rice & miso soup

Sushi-Ya is generally consistent with the dishes they serve. However, on this particular night, the Soft Shell Crab Roll didn’t taste as good as it normally does as the crab was not as crispy and the rest of the sushi was rather dry.


174 Victoria Avenue, Chatswood
(02) 9413 3300


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