AJ’s Indian – Eastwood


AJ’s Indian Restaurant located in between Eastwood and North Ryde has won many local community dining & business awards over the years and hence it is a popular Indian dining spot in the area. Besides from food, one of the features at AJ’s Indian is the impressive mural that stretches across one of the walls.

We rocked up on a Saturday night without a booking. Once we walked in we noticed ‘Reserved’ signs sitting on every table and realised that we might need to go somewhere else for dinner. Thankfully, they were hospitable and gave us a table for two provided that we finish our meal in an hour. With our hungry stomachs, we went through the menu and placed our order within two minutes!

Here’s what we ordered:

  • Pappadums – A serving of six with mint sauce ($3.50)
  • Garlic Naan ($3.90)
  • Butter Chicken– Tandoori chicken morsels simmered in creamy tomato and cashew nut sauce, finished with honey and fenugreek leaves (mild) ($18.90)
  • Bombay Beef – Potatoes, beef and fenugreek leaves creamy sauce (mild) ($18.90)
  • Basmati Rice ($2.60 pp)

Within the next five minutes, we were served a “dumpling” each with compliments from the chef, it was a bite size deep-fried meaty dumpling. Our pappadums were then served along with all our other dishes. Pappadums with mint sauce along with Naan bread are my favourite Indian accompaniments. The mint sauce not only tasted great with pappadums, it served as a good refreshment to the B0mbay Beef which I found a tad too hot to be called “mild”.

We ate really quickly not so much because we felt rushed, but because the food was so tasty. The sauces were so tasty that we didn’t leave any behind – we used our naan bread to finish off the sauce!

We finished our meal, had a look at the dessert menu but were too full for more, paid & left with 20 minutes to spare.

A word of advice – book first!

AJ’s Indian Restaurant

58 Balaclava Rd, Eastwood
(02) 9874 9090


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