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We were catching up with John (our pastor) & his lovely wife Jean after church when Jean asked us whether we wanted to go to Mamak for lunch. Whilst I was excited, I was also apprehensive about the queue. John & Jean assured us that the queue would be gone by late lunchtime- and they were right, although Mamak was still packed, we were immediately seated.

John & Jean grew up in Malaysia and moved here around ten years ago. They have been a great blessing to our church since John started his role in 2011, we enjoy their company as they are genuine, caring and fun.

I asked Jean how Sydney Malaysian food compares with food back home and she said that whilst food is cheaper in Malaysia, the restaurants here are more generous with their ingredients.

Here’s what we ended up ordering:

  • Roti Canai ($5.50)
  • Chicken Satay – Grilled over flaming charcoal for authentic Malaysian flavours. Served with a sweet & spicy peanut sauce ($9 for half a dozen)
  • Nasi Lemak – Fragrant coconut rice accompanied by an ensemble of sambal, peanuts, crispy anchovies, cucumber and hard-boiled egg ($8.50)
  • Mee Goreng – Spicy wok-tossed hokkien noodles with eggs, prawns, fish cake slices and fresh bean sprouts ($11.50)
  • Nasi Goreng – Malaysian-style fried rice with spicy sambal, eggs, prawns, french beans, assorted veges, topped with fried shallots ($11.50)
  • Teh Tarik – Classic Malaysian sweetened tea, ‘stretched’ for a frothy topping ($3.50)
  • Teh Ais – Ice Milk Tea ($3.50)

Even though John & Jean could probably do extra extra hot, we asked for ‘mild’ as I don’t like very hot & spicy food. And because the dishes were not as hot as my previous visits to Mamak, I was able to savour the flavour for each dish.

Roti Canai

Roti Canai

Chicken Satay with Sweet & Spicy Peanut Sauce

Chicken Satay with Sweet & Spicy Peanut Sauce

Whilst I thoroughly enjoyed each dish, my favourites were the very tasty Mee Goreng (as I’ve actually never ordered Mee Goreng before!), Roti Canai (who can say no to these delicious, fluffy roti with curry sides?) and the Satay sticks with its sweet & spicy peanut sauce.


Nasi Lemak


Teh Ais and Teh Tarik



Nasi Goreng

We were too full for desserts, but if you have room you should try Roti Tisu ($9.50) which is a sweet roti, paper thin and served as a tall cone as well as Cendol ($6) which is a popular shaved ice Malaysian dessert.

It was wonderful to eat Malaysian food with John & Jean and get to know them better over lunch!

Mamak – Chatswood

Shop P9, 1-5 Railway St, Chatswood
(02) 9411 4411


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