Ichi-Ban Boshi – Sydney CBD

IMG_3263Ichi-Ban Boshi at The Galeries has been my favourite ramen spot in Sydney since they first opened when I was still studying. I have memories of having lunch with my Aunt here – we would arrive early to get a table and would always order ramen, udon and gyoza. This is also where Peter & I go to when we are in the city and want a cheap but good meal.

With long queues during peak hours, this place is evidently still a hit for all.

On this day, Peter & I arrived before workers went on their lunch breaks- so we managed to get a table straightaway and here’s what we ordered for lunch:

  • Gyoza – Pan-fried pork & cabbage dumplings ($6.50 for 5 pieces)
  • Tokyo Ramen – Soy sauce based soup with roast pork, egg, bamboo shoots, fish cake, corn, seaweed & shallots ($9.90)
  • Miso Ramen – Soy-bean paste soup with roast pork, bamboo shoots, corn, bean sprouts & shallots ($9.90)
  • Iced Green Tea Cappuccino ($4.80)

Not only is Ichi-Ban Bochi good at making their handmade ramen noodles with succulent roast pork, their pan-fried gyoza is perfectly fried with the right balance of flavours- I love the tangy sauce that is served with the gyoza. And don’t leave without ordering their Iced Green Tea Cappucinno (Tip: ask for less ice so that it doesn’t easily dilute), you’ll love it!


The quality of the food and quick service has not changed over the years. However, from memory they used to serve more than one slice of pork in their ramen without paying extra- it now costs $4 for four extra slices of pork.

A word of advice: bring cash.

Ichi-Ban Boshi

Level 2, The Galeries, 500 George St, Sydney CBD
(02) 9262 7677


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