El Jannah – Granville


“EL JANNAH!!! You’ve got to try El Jannah’s….” is what I’ve been hearing at work since Caroline and I discovered that we both love food.

It was a Saturday and I finally got the chance to drive to the Greater West, to try “Granville Chicken” as some affectionately call it.

We knew we were at the right place when the smell of charcoal chicken filled the air as we pulled up to park on the other side of the railway tracks.

After crossing the pedestrian bridge, we were greeted by a long queue of people who were  all waiting to get their hands on the chicken & the infamous garlic sauce. It didn’t take long until it was our turn to order, but it was only when we got to the register that we realised that it was ‘Cash Only’. With only a $20 note, we ordered a Whole Chicken to be dined-in, this was served with garlic toum, pickles and Lebanese bread for $19.90.

We managed to find a table amongst the multicultural crowd who were there for different reasons – some were blue collar workers on their lunch break whilst others were on a family outing or catching up with friends.

We studied the menu as we waited for our food, El Jannah has completely crossed out their hot drinks menu and Take-Away options are half the price of the Dine-In menu, but bread and pickles are not included.

Within ten minutes, our sides arrived and our chicken was served as quarters on two plates. Here are a few quick snaps before we tucked in…

So how was it? I was extremely looking forward to the chicken but to be honest, I thought it was a bit too salty and the charred skin tasted bitter. On the other hand, the garlic toum proved worthy of its fame – it was creamy, tangy and created a garlic explosion without leaving an unpleasant aftertaste. The garlic toum complemented the soft, fresh flat bread making it hard to resist double dipping!

There’s no doubt why people keep returning t0 El Jannah cos I’ll definitely be back for the garlic hit.

El Jannah

4-6 South Street, Granville
(02) 96370977


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4 thoughts on “El Jannah – Granville

  1. Viv says:

    Hi Sarah! My first comment on your blog 🙂 It’s Viv haha

    Apparently Habib’s Chicken in Bankstown rivals (or betters, depending on who you’re talking to) El Jannah’s! But I have to agree the garlic sauce is amazzzzing!! And it’s really worth your dollar when you get it takeaway 🙂

    Viv x

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