F4T: Taste & See

I came across Bible Society’s ‘Live Light in 25 Words’ campaign and noticed that fellow foodie and Christian Kate Bracks (Winner of MasterChef 2011) has written a few entries for A Foodie’s Week in the Bible.

I’ve decided to repost the first entry here as food for thought. The original content can be found here.

Read Psalm 34:8-10

When we taste food, we experience something. If we are hungry we don’t just look at a plate of food and then walk away. We sit and make time to take the food in, allowing it to nourish us, satisfy us and in doing so it brings us relief and joy. A relationship with God is like this. He is not there just to be viewed at a distance. God wants us to take Him in, allowing ourselves to be nourished and satisfied. We will find in him a place of refuge and safety. A place where we will have everything we need.

Q: Is God the place where you find true satisfaction?

To read or find out more, visit http://25words.biblesociety.org.au.



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