Tokonoma – Surry Hills


Having read reviews and seen photos of Tokonoma, I snatched up a 12 dish tasting menu for two with a bottle of wine deal for Tokonoma when I saw it on Spreets. Peter and I decided to use it to celebrate our sixth month wedding anniversary (it was really just an excuse to eat good food!).

We mistook the large entrance for Toko as Tokonoma and was re-directed to the barely noticeable entrance next door with a wooden sign that read ‘Tokonoma’.

Upon entering a small passage, we found ourselves in an artsy, low-lit room decorated with stylish furnishings. The waiter greeted us and we were seated at a small candlelit table. As we didn’t feel like alcohol, the staff gave us the option to swap our Sauvignon Blanc for a glass of mocktail each.

So here’s what we had for our degustation:

  • Edamame – soy beans, maldon sea salt
  • Sake no Miso Tarutaru – salmon tartare, wasabi miso
  • Gyuniku no Tataki – seared beef, pickled onions, mizuna, garlic chips
  • Watari-gani no Karaage – crispy soft-shell crab, wasabi mayonnaise
  • Toko Signature Nigiri
  • Sashimi Selection
  • Hotate no Mentaiko Yaki – robata grilled scallop, mentaiko butter, yuzu-shallot relish
  • Ika no Tempura – crispy tempura squid, soy chilli broth
  • Wafu Zucchini – zucchini, wafu sauce, sesame
  • Amiyaki Ro-Su Niku no Wafu Sauce – scotch fillet steak, wafu sauce, garlic crisps
  • Miso Soup
  • Tasting Desserts: Apricot Creme Brulee; Chocolate Ice Cream & Peach Sorbet and Seasonal Fruits


  • Ume no Ume (plums and lemons muddled with spice syrup, cloudy apple and soda water)
  • Shojo Mary (robata grilled cherry tomatoes blended with kimchi, japanese citrus fruits and shichimi pepper)

With the mood lighting, the candle proved to be our best friend whilst attempting to take photos as well as figuring out what we were actually putting into our mouth. Here are my snapshots:

The meal was very satisfying, with Peter who doesn’t care much about food still talking about the meal the following day.

My highlights from the menu included the softshell crab accompanied with the wasabi mayo; the salmon tartare, the fresh slices of salmon & kingfish sashimi, the beef dishes that were served with crunchy garlic chips and of course the dessert box with the rich dark chocolate ice cream, peach sorbet and creme brulee with bits of apricot towards the bottom.

So how was my Kimchi mocktail? It was an interesting combo, it wasn’t too spicy but after a few sips I swapped drinks with Peter.

With its classy atmosphere, beautifully cooked & presented food, Tokonoma gave us a memorable romantic dining experience.


490 Crown St, Surry Hills
(02) 9357 6100


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6 thoughts on “Tokonoma – Surry Hills

    • Foodsaurus says:

      Thanks Christine! It was a decent meal indeed, especially with the online voucher. Might be worth adding to your Restaurant Wish List!

      • Christine (@cookingcrusade) says:

        I got addicted to buying those online vouchers this year. I got to 10 and then told myself to stop haha! But definitely would love to check out this place one of these days 🙂

      • Tammy says:

        Mmm. It was all so good. The soft shell crab and wasabi mayo was excellent – especially the mayo! It had Sammy and me thinking about all the different ways you can do mayo. The nigiri plate was great and so was the grilled scallop. lol, it’s great you wrote down the menu otherwise I would have forgotten the names for things! love x

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