Ginger & Shallots Chinese Cuisine – Eastwood


Ginger & Shallots Chinese Cuisine is located opposite the double storey car park at Eastwood. I haven’t dined at Ginger & Shallots due to the reputation the location holds from previous owners. But Wendy who also loves her food, recommended Ginger & Shallots and wanted me to try their Emperor Chicken with Chilli and Salt & Pepper Deep Fried Bean Curd.

So that’s what we did before our Sugar Hit at Sofitel. There were four of us and we ordered the following with rice:

  • Salt & Pepper Deep Fried Bean Curd ($12.80)
  • Emperor Chicken with Chilli ($16.80)
  • Stir Fried Gai Lan ($?)

Like a number of Chinese/Cantonese restaurants, a complimentary soup was served before our meal.

I loved the two dishes that Wendy recommended and would recommend it to you too!

The Salt & Pepper Deep Fried Bean Curd was crispy on the outside with a soft tofu centre and was accompanied by crispy garlic, shallots, coriander and chilli which really gave it the ‘kick’. The Emperor Chicken with Chilli was delicious- the meat was tender and skin was crispy. I especially enjoyed the addictive tangy sauce.

Ginger & Shallots Chinese Cuisine

25/1 Lakeside Rd Eastwood
(02) 9874 8066

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