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At the end of 2012, two girlfriends and I enjoyed the sunset overlooking the Sydney Harbour as we slowly ate our way through an eleven dish “Unkai” menu at Kobe Jones with vouchers from Spreets.

The Unkai menu included the following dishes:

  • Number One Special– Crab salad with avocado wrapped in Hiramasa kingfish and nori, baked in a secret sauce then topped with bitter-sweet soy glaze and smelt roe
  • Wafu Oysters– Freshly shucked oysters in the shell, served with ponzu dressing
  • Crunchy Roll– Tempura prawn with crab salad and cucumber, layered with tempura flakes and smelt roe, then drizzled with house made saffron aioli and bitter-sweet soy glaze
  • Tuna Tataki – Black pepper and furikake coated fresh tuna, topped with wafu citrus dressing and alfalfa sprouts
  • Calamari Salad – Garden greens topped with crispy calamari fritto, smelt roe, seaweed, shallot and drizzled with Kobe’s mayo dressing
  • Jalapeno Scallop– Hokkaido scallop marinated in KJ citrus ponzu, topped with fresh jalapeños
  • Lava Roll– Crab salad and avocado roll with steamed Western Australian lobster meat and a special cream sauce, then sprinkled with smelt roe, shallot, roasted sesame seed and bitter soy glaze
  • Vegetable Tempura
  • Tenderloin Amiyaki– Grilled and sliced, served with wasabi mash, stir fried capsicum and Amiyaki sauce
  • Green Tea Salmon– Warmed six-hour cold smoked salmon, seared and marinated in green tea, served with sesame nori cream
  • Okashi

My favourite dish was the Number One Special that kicked off the night, it was unlike any sushi/roll I’ve had in the past. I was intrigued to find the slice of kingfish glued to the nori (seaweed), the smelt roe was delicious and the ingredients of this dish worked really well especially as a starter. It was truly mouthwatering!

Kobe Jones provided excellent service and as you can tell by the photos, the portions were huge! We barely made it through to our last course.

Kobe Jones

29 Lime St, Sydney
(02) 9299 5290


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