The Grounds of Alexandria

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After driving through weekday morning traffic and scouting for a limited parking spot, Shuvs and I finally arrived at The Grounds of Alexandria at midday. Although we had heard about The Grounds of Alexandria, we didn’t really know what to expect but once we walked past the gates, we fell in love with the beautiful venue and started exploring every inch of it.

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Picture 014We wandered around the outdoor garden area and eventually made our way to the cafe and put our details down for a table for two. The wait was going to be 15 minutes, so we wandered back to the gardens. Since kids are currently on school holidays, Kevin Bacon the resident piglet was very popular with the kids – little girls couldn’t stop screaming “KEVIN!!!! KEVIN BACON!! KEVIN!” whilst trying to touch him and feed him grass (yes, the sign says don’t feed him).

Picture 007Our pager buzzed us after 20 minutes and we were seated at a table in the rustic cafe with simple décor.

After reading through the paper menu, we ordered the following to share for lunch:

  • Ham Hock – Braised & smoked ham hock on crushed peas with Parmesan, The Grounds Preserved Lemons and sourdough bread ($14)
  • Beef Cheek Sandwich – Slow cooked beef cheeks with beetroot, tomato, lettuce and mayo on sourdough, with side pickles ($16)
  • Side of Fries with chilli mayo and salt ($6)
  • Cappuccino & Latte ($3.50 each, regular)

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Picture 030The Ham Hock was not as salty as expected and the preserved lemons gave the dish a good kick. The chilli mayo accompanied the fries well, however fries were not as crispy as we had hoped. The highlight for me was definitely the Slow-Cooked Beef Cheek Sandwich, the flavours worked well together and created a amazing sandwich. We ended our meal with a good cup of coffee each.

Picture 019The Grounds was a great experience, I would love to revisit to try their takeaway menu, sit in the beautiful outdoor area and sip on a fresh rose lemonade.

The Grounds of Alexandria

Building 7A/2 Huntley St, Alexandria
(02) 9699 2225


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