Salt Meats Cheese – Alexandria


I don’t normally blog about shops but Salt Meats Cheese has got to be the most intriguing shop that I have been to in Sydney. Shuvs and I walked into this neighbouring warehouse after our satisfying meal at The Grounds of Alexandria as she wanted to find out about ‘quinoa’.


Salt Meats Cheese features a Salt Counter with sacks of different flavoured salt (black truffle salt, vintage merlot salt, wild porcini salt…) a Cheese room with a wide range of hard and soft cheese and Gallery of Ham with cured meats hanging from the ceiling. If that’s not enough, they also have a lab where you can watch them make delicacies.



Items that we found in the warehouse included rainbow pasta, fresh truffle (seasonal), Angry Birds drink, lots of gourmet snacks, fresh pasta (squid ink, beetroot, beer…), a range of sauces, jams and marinades (imported and housemade) and organic chocolate- just to name a few. You can taste & fill your own bottle of olive oil, buy a slab of Himalayan pink salt to cook with or get a ‘salt lamp’ for health purposes.


Salt Meats Cheese

41 Bourke Rd , Alexandria
(02) 9690 2406


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