Food Trucks in Parramatta


Having looked at mouthwatering photos from Sydney Food Trucks for months, I was finally able to taste some food last Thursday.

I was only expecting to see one truck however when Shuvs and I arrived in Parramatta’s Church Street Mall we saw not one but four -imagine our level of excitement as we thought about all the different food we could try!

First up, Eat Art Truck – aka MasterChef Food Truck where they are featuring some MasterChef creations as well as menu favourites. We ordered the famous Pulled Pork Bun with mustard cabbage and half bourbon BBQ half hot sauce ($12) and Maple Glazed Bacon Hot Dog with pickles, cucumber and smoked mustard sauce ($10).

It took 5-10 minutes for the food to be ready, we found a table on the street where we sat and enjoyed the beautiful Sydney weather and background live music.

We ate the Pulled Pork Bun first – soft bun, melt-in-your-mouth shredded smoked pork with great flavours especially since we asked for half hot and half bourbon BBQ sauce – happy to eat this for lunch everyday! We then tried the hot dog, unfortunately the cabbage underneath the sausage made the bun soggy by the time we took our first bite and I was expecting more flavours from the sausage.



Next up, Street Sliders Truck – they had a duo combo deal for $12 which included two sliders, a side of salad or chips and a drink. We ordered the Sancho slider (beef pattie, tangy avocado & lemon puree, crunchy corn salsa, pickled jalapeno with sour cream) and Smoked slider (eggplant puree, smoked mozzarella, grilled red onion, shaved iceberg lettuce with a balsamic glaze) served with french fries and garlic aioli. I preferred the Smoked slider with eggplant puree as the beef pattie in the Sancho was quite bland. The chips were well seasoned and delicious with the garlic aioli. I’d love to give the Corn elote a go next time!


Finally, we ordered Sweet Potato Chips served with basil vegan mayo ($5) from Veggie Patch Van. These thinly sliced chips were very crispy with no sign of greasiness. We loved the basil mayo which was well accompanied and we finished the chips within minutes.


Whilst Let’s Do Yum Cha was on site, we didn’t buy any dim sims from them as there wasn’t really anything that stood out for us. Maybe next time!

We had an awesome lunch feast and appreciated not only the gourmet food but also the creative design of these trucks.

For more information on these trucks, go to-


Eat Art Truck on Urbanspoon Veggie Patch Food Van on Urbanspoon
Street Sliders Truck on Urbanspoon


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