Eveleigh Farmers’ Market


My friends and I woke up early to visit Eveleigh Farmers’ Market a couple of Saturdays agoThis market had a really good vibe to it, people were friendly which created a great sense of community.

With over 70 regular stalls, we were able to buy fresh produce to cook later that night as well as eat cooked food and drink a good cup of coffee at the markets. Many stalls give you free samples to try before you buy, so you can get pretty full from walking around!

Some of the stalls I visited included Billy Kwong which served a delicious (slightly more expensive, $8 or $9) Steamed Pork Bun with Homemade Chilli as well as lovely Steamed Pork Dumplings in Ginger and Tamari, again these were $8 or $9 for 4 dumplings. I hear that Kylie Kwong minds the store on most weeks, unfortunately she wasn’t there on this particular Saturday.



There was a crepe stand, fungi (mushroom) stand, plenty of bakery stands, potatoes stall which sells all sorts of potatoes! I especially like the potato basket pictured below which tells you the name as well as how it’s best cooked (click image to enlarge size).


There was a “Talking Cookbook” stand, a free service where you can show the lady the items you bought and she’ll give you ideas on what to cook. I thought this was a brilliant idea at a market like this!


There was an herbal tea stall where you can buy all sort of teas.


Even though I was really full after walking around the markets multiple times, I really wanted to try something from Bird Cow Fish so I ordered an OMG-Oh My Goshlette ($8.50) which had eggs, mushrooms, herbs and truffle butter served with toast. Yum.



If you’re ever in Sydney and you love food, this market is worth checking out. We had so much fun walking around, browsing and eating.

Eveleigh Farmers Market is on every Saturday (rain, hail or shine) from 8am to 1pm.

Eveleigh Markets

243 Wilson St  Darlington NSW 2008
(02) 9209 4735



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