Malay-Chinese Takeaway – Sydney CBD


I love a good curry laksa. Vermicelli and or egg noodles in a rich, flavoursome, spicy, coconut milk broth topped with chicken, tofu puffs and bean sprouts and a good dose of sambal paste.

I’ve walked past Malay-Chinese Takeaway on Hunter street in Sydney CBD on many occasions, but thought it was a dodgy hole-in-a-wall until I saw the reviews where some diners claims that this place has “the best laksa in Sydney”.

I finally made my way inside the store last Monday where the place was already buzzing at 11am, the simple decor and (lack of) customer service brought back memories for both Peter and I of restaurants we visited in our childhood in Asia.


We ordered a Chicken Laksa ($8.70) each and they were ready within 5 minutes. The bowl of laksa was steaming hot and the soup tasted very flavoursome. They gave us a generous portion of chicken, springy rice vermicilli noodles and two tofu puffs (you can pay for extras).

The soup base was not as spicy as I had expected, but with the low chilli threshold that I have, my face was flushed and sweating. But seriously, when you’re eating a good laksa, the last thing on your mind is how you look and you just power through the bowl of goodness whilst wiping away your sweat with the serviettes provided.


Whilst I’m not sure whether this place has the “best laksa in Sydney”, Malay-Chinese Takeaway’s laksa was worth the hype and I’d definitely come back for another bowl.

Malay-Chinese Takeaway

1/50-58 Hunter St, Sydney
(02) 9231 6788


Malay Chinese Takeaway on Urbanspoon


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