The Sydney Chocolate School


I had a blast at The Sydney Chocolate School over the weekend. A few months ago, I bought Karen and I vouchers for a half-day chocolate making workshop and after driving (plus getting lost along the way!) we found ourselves at the beautiful heritage site in Mosman.

Over the next three hours, we learned the art of tempering chocolate over marble as we made slabs of Dark Chocolate with Hazelnut & Sea Salt, White Chocolate with Cardamom & Cinnamon bars and Chocolate flakes for a shot of hot chocolate.

Unfortunately I didn’t bring my camera, so these are shots mainly from Karen’s phone.





The workshop was very hands-on, the friendly staff encouraged everyone to have a go at the tempering process and we worked as a team. We also got a run down of the production process and tasted cacao beans, nibs and chocolate along the way.

We each went home with a certificate and handmade chocolate. The cost is normally $150 pp for the Level 1 workshop (Tip: Keep an eye out on deal websites for a good discount!). The Sydney Chocolate School also runs Level 2 classes for those who really want to get into it!


The Sydney Chocolate School (Coco Chocolate)
Building 21, 1110 Middle Head Road, Mosman
(02) 9960 6540



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