Méjico – Sydney


I visited Méjico in Sydney at the end of October 2013 with my colleagues to celebrate Yvette having a baby and going away. Since this is a belated blog post, Yvette has since given birth to baby Joel who is super cute! Hope you are enjoying your time off from work 🙂

Méjico is located next to Jamie’s Italian in Sydney. From the moment you walk in, you can tell from the modern and classy décor that this place is not your average Mexican diner.

Some of us arrived earlier than others that night, so we waited at the bar area and grabbed a drink. They have a good selection of alcohol and non-alcohol beverages, their Chia Concoctions caught my eye so I ordered the White Nectar drink with chia, coconut, aloe vera and lime ($6.50).

Once our whole group arrived, we were directed to our table where we ordered individually off the menu.

As a starter, I ordered Pacific Scallops Ceviche with avocado, pomegranate, jalapeño, crispy eschalots ($16) these were bite-sized delights, the scallops were fresh and the jalapeño gave it a good kick. I also tried a Hiramasa Kingfish Ceviche with ruby grapefruit, watermelon, pepitas, radish and charred chilli flakes ($16) I preferred the scallops.


DSC01006We ordered their Signature Guacamole served with golden plantain chips ($12) to share, the guac was smashed by a waiter using a mortar and pestle at our table. Although this was their signature dish, it lacked seasoning. On the other hand, we couldn’t get enough of the chips, with some of us trying to figure out where to buy plantain so that we could try it at home.

DSC01007I ordered Tacos soft shells, served three at a time ($16) for main, they were served as a plate of three and you can choose your own combinations. I picked their Seared Ocean Trout, Slow-braised Pulled Pork and Braised Lamb. Ocean Trout may sound odd for tacos, but I asked the waitress which was her favourite and she picked the trout so I gave it a go, I’m glad I took her advice, it was delicious. The other two had good flavours as well, especially when you add some of the sauce provided. My only complain is that the tacos were too small!



My colleagues also ordered other sides to try- Blackened Corn with smoky paprika, queso fresco, parmesan ($7) and Croquetas with sweet potato, cumin onion and manchego ($8) – one word, yum.

I had a good time at Méjico hanging out with my work mates. Although we had mixed feelings about the service, we enjoyed the food at Méjico.


105 Pitt Street, Sydney
(02) 9230 0119


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4 thoughts on “Méjico – Sydney

  1. Sammy says:

    Good place for food with a bunch of people. Agree that their service is at times patchy.
    Love the first pic with the drinks though!

  2. How was the white nectar drink with chia? Sounds interesting… I forgot if we discussed this on that night? Plantain – I had to google it just then lol! So did you guys end up finding out where it’s sold to make the chips?

    • White nectar chia drink was refreshing, good mocktail alternative to alcohol that night. I think you might find plantain at bigger fruit shops like Golden Banana in Top Ryde.

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