Super Quick Watermelon Sorbet & Granita


I’ve had my Thermomix for almost 3 months now, I first saw it in action 9 months ago at a home demonstration. The demo was more like a feast as the consultant whipped up 9 dishes in 3 hours for the 12 of us. I was very impressed by this kitchen appliance and spent the next 6 months thinking about the price tag and doing my own research on this gadget with over 20 functions. What eventually convinced us that this was worth the money was seeing my mum use her “Thermie” daily to make all sorts of dishes- food that she would not have otherwise made if it weren’t for her Thermomix.

Sydney was quite hot over the weekend and I had three boxes of watermelon in my freezer so I decided to blitz them up to make some healthy sorbet and granita.


I have in the past watched my friends use a fork to scrape a block of flavoured ice to make granita- this not only took time but a lot of muscles! The one below took 30 seconds with the push of a button.


30 Seconds Watermelon Granita


  • 1 box of frozen watermelon (this was approx. 350 grams)


  1. Add frozen watermelon into TM bowl, place measuring cup on lid. 30 seconds/Speed 10 (gradually increase the speed).
  2. Eat and be prepared for a brain freeze!


Watermelon Sorbet
This recipe was tweaked from Thermomix Australia’s Everyday Cookbook


  • 2 boxes of frozen watermelon (this was approx. 700 grams)
  • 70 grams raw sugar, adjust to taste


  1. Add the raw sugar into TM bowl, place measuring cup on lid, mill 10 seconds/Speed 9
  2. Add half of the frozen watermelon into TM bowl, place measuring cup on lid, 1 minute/Speed 10, gradually increasing the speed
  3. Add the remaining watermelon, 1 minute/Speed 10 use TM spatula to assist in crushing all of the watermelon.
  4. Ready to serve!

I will share more Thermomix recipes in the future so make sure you stay tuned!


Foodsaurus is not sponsored by Thermomix or Vorwerk (the manufacturer) in any capacity. Foodsaurus is simply a Thermomix user.


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