Daiwa Sushi – Tsukiji Fish Market

DSC01883We visited Tokyo’s Tsukiji Fish Market – the world’s largest fish market twice. The first time we got there was on a Wednesday and the market was closed. They are closed on certain days of the year, so check their website before you go!

Since we had familiarised ourselves with Tsukiji Fish Market on our first attempt, we knew exactly how to walk to Building 6 which houses two of the most famous sushi bars in the fish market – Daiwa Sushi and Sushi Dai. Our eyes were set on the kanji characters 大和寿司, Daiwa Sushi.


DSC01891We arrived at 9.45am and waited a little over an hour to get through the doors. Daiwa Sushi has a ‘leave it to the chef’ menu that costs ¥3500 plus tax per person, that is about AUD$37! This includes 7 pieces of nigiri sushi, 6 pieces of maki sushi, miso soup and hot matcha tea.

DSC01888DSC01894Daiwa Sushi only has counter seats and seating is squishy, there is just enough space for you to hold your chopsticks without poking the person next to you.

We sat in front of the friendly old sushi master, he smiled and asked “set menu?” We smiled and nodded, we could barely communicate with him but that didn’t matter, we were in for a treat.

The waitress served us hot matcha green tea and the adventure started as our sushi master placed the first piece of sushi on our wooden boards…


Maguro (tuna)

We ate each piece as he presented them. Some diners decided to wait until the sushi master had placed everything on their plates to take a photo before eating… we just couldn’t wait to dig in.


Ebi (prawn)


Uni (sea urchin)


Crispy prawn head, Toro (fatty tuna), Sushi Roll with tuna and salmon roe


Tamago (egg), Ika (squid)


Aji (horse mackerel), Anago (eel)

Each piece showcased the sushi master’s craftsmanship and the natural flavours of the fish. It was simple and unpretentious. Each piece was perfectly seasoned by the sushi master with the right amount of soy sauce and wasabi. Honestly, they all tasted so fresh and delicious that it’s hard to pick favourites.


Miso Soup with Baby Clams

After the amazing sushi experience, we explored the fish market and reflected on how sushi will just never be the same again…

DSC01927Daiwa Sushi 大和寿司
Building 6, Tsukiji Fish Market, 5-2-1 Tsukiji, Chuo, Tokyo



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