Eating through Asakusa, Tokyo


A trip to Asakusa was a great way to escape modern-day Tokyo and get a taste of Japanese history and their traditional culture.

I anticipated a day of sightseeing but instead I was in for a surprise. The paths leading up to the temples and shrines were filled with Japanese gift shops and lots of street food!


Nakamise Shopping Street is a 200 metre street that starts as you walk through Kaminarimon until you reach Sensoji Temple, it is filled with a variety of gift and snack shops 🙂


A Japanese lady making delicious Dango, glutinous rice cake balls.


Dango sweet glutinous rice cake balls on a stick that were super soft and melted in your mouth. These were coated with sakura (cherry blossom) flavoured powder.


Freshly made Senbei rice crackers grilled on the spot and covered with a layer of soy sauce that were served crispy and warm!DSC01626

One of many stores that sell Japanese snacks.


A Japanese sweets shop selling different types of Dango.


Monaka ice cream sandwiches – we picked black sesame and green tea ice cream, these were sandwiched between two thin crisp wafers.


A Taiyaki shop selling fish-shaped waffles with red bean filling.


The finished product, Taiyaki fish-shaped waffle with red bean filling.


Shin-Nakamise Shopping Street – more shops in an arcade perpendicular to Nakamise Shopping Street.


Sensoji temple – one of the oldest temples in Tokyo that dates back to 628 A.D. A picture of a five storey pagoda below with surrounding gardens that you can walk through.


We spent half a day in Asakusa before our feet started aching but there were many more places to explore in the area. My tip would be to wear good walking shoes and bring cash to try all the mouthwatering snacks along the way!



3 thoughts on “Eating through Asakusa, Tokyo

  1. Sammy says:

    hahaha. what does sakura powder taste like? I mean I get it’s cherry blossom…but what’s the closest flavour to that?

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