Ichiran Ramen – Shinjuku


Ichiran is a popular ramen noodle chain in Japan and we went based on the recommendation of our friends, Jason and Gloria. The one we visited was in Shinjuku Tokyo and although we couldn’t work out how to read the address, we were able to find it by walking towards the shops once getting out of JR Shinjuku Station’s Higashi exit.

This store is open 24/7 and they specialise in one product – the classic tonkotsu ramen.


We waited in the walkway for 5 minutes. The people behind the curtain are using a vending machine to order ramen. And this is how the machines look up close…


Once we had placed our orders, we were directed to our seats that resembled more like cubicles. I found these really fascinating as I have not seen anything like this before.


Here’s a shot of my cubicle. The self-serve tap is on the left, napkins are on the right and there’s a paper form for you to specify how you’d like your noodle texture, how strong you’d like the broth, how spicy you’d like it and whether you’d like garlic, spring onion and sliced pork.


Once you’ve made the selections, you simply press the buzzer and someone will collect your order ticket and form from behind the counter.


Here it is, Ichiran’s Classic Tonkotsu Ramen. Their tonkotsu broth was amazing and their thin noodles was one of the best I had during my trip.

I should have asked for more of their original red sauce, as it wasn’t as hot as I had expected. Their red-pepper sauce is mixed with 30 types of spices, aged and cooked slowly for a few days.


Ichiran was a very memorable dining experience. Thanks Jason & Gloria for recommending this place!


3-34-11 B1F Shinjuku Shinjuku-ku Tokyo-to 160-0022



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