The Tall Lemongrass – Crows Nest


Peter and I recently had the privilege of being part of the 5th anniversary celebrations of The Tall Lemongrass in Crows Nest. This modern Thai restaurant is run by Chef and Owner, Wendy Khouphongsy.

The mood lighting, décor and hospitality of Wendy and her team will take you from the North Shore to a place where you will experience classic Thai food with a modern twist.


To begin our evening of mouthwatering delicacies, our waitress served us a bowl of spicy prawn crackers which we’re told is complimentary to all guests upon arrival. Soon after, we were served Mien Khumm, two elegantly crafted egg nets in glass flutes. The egg nets were filled with sweet radish, crushed peanuts, cooked prawns, fresh galangal, lime, ginger, red onion and betal leaf. Along with the sweet sauce which we poured over the egg net, this was a beautiful and refreshing start to our meal.


Next up, Larb Ped on Witlof, roasted duck, toasted rice, mint and coriander with a hint of chilli on a leaf of chicory witlof. All I can say about this was “yummo!!” The flavours were well-balanced and the chilli gave it a good kick. I know we had two bite-size servings each, but the greedy me wish I had them all 😛


Soon after we finished our entrees, Panang Osso Bucco was brought to our table. The rich, creamy, coconut curry had intense flavours, which was perfect with the bowl of rice we had on the side. I loved the julienned kaffir lime leaves and chilli on top of our osso bucco, it definitely gave it an added layer of flavour. Although the osso bucco was slow-cooked for many hours, unfortunately ours did not fall off the bone on this occasion.


Onto our second main that Wendy presented us with, Yum Aubergine Stack. This is one of Wendy’s signature dishes and not only did it look stunning, it tasted amazing. The mixture of minced chicken, cooked prawns, red onion, mint, coriander, fresh chilli, lime juice and fish sauce was sandwich between two slices of pan-fried eggplant creating a moreish main.


Now for a contemporary take on a Thai classic, Prawn Pad Thai enveloped in an egg net with peanuts and dried chilli on the side. Wendy advised that this was a sample size and customers would normally get a big egg net filled with pad thai. I loved the presentation of this Pad Thai, but I personally would have liked a bit of fresh lemon juice for extra flavour.


Crispy Three-layered Pork with Caramel was the last main that night and another signature dish from the chef. The pork belly was slow-cooked then deep-fried until crispy and topped with palm sugar syrup. It was a satisfying piece of pork belly with a good crackling. The caramel added a good finish to the dish.


To complete our night, Wendy asked us whether we had room for desserts…Yes! Deep-Fried Ice Cream was like vanilla ice cream encased in a crispy omelette with chocolate sauce, and to make you feel less guilty about this sort of indulgence, mixed nuts and berries were served on the side.

Thank you to Wendy and her team for the wonderful evening, we look forward to trying the rest of your menu with our friends and family 🙂

The Tall Lemongrass

136 Willoughby Rd Crows Nest NSW 2065
(02) 9966 0350


Disclosure: Foodsaurus dined as a guest of The Tall Lemongrass, many thanks to Elyshia from Missy Mischief for the invitation. All opinions expressed are my own.

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