Brewristas – Glebe


Located on Glebe Point Road, Brewristas is for all the coffee lovers out there, these guys are serious about their beans! Being a Sydneysider, I love my coffee but I’m gonna admit that I’m a bit of a noob because I tend to stick with my flat whites, cappuccinos and lattes. I have been keen to check this place out for sometime now, since hearing about it from my friends W&S who knows one of the owners.

brewristas_pouroverI visited Brewristas with Peter & K and we wanted to try something different, so Peter ordered a pour over, K ordered their daily cold drip and I ordered a siphon. Steven, the barista took the time to explain the techniques to us and showed us how the brews are prepared.


Daily Cold Drip with a Colombian bean ($5). Honestly, the three of us had a hard time distinguishing the characteristics. I didn’t get to try this one but K just commented on the fact that it was quite acidic and it got increasingly sour as the ice melted….


My Siphon with Kenyan Gachatha beans ($7), it was pretty cool watching the siphon apparatus being set up and how this type of coffee gets brewed by vapour pressure. I was able to taste fruity acidity in my brew but apparently I was also supposed to taste a hint of chocolate.

brewristas_pourover2This one was the Pour Over with Ethiopian Dumerso beans ($7). The beans and water were precisely weighed and timed for a perfect brew. The pour over created a less acidic flavour compared to the siphon and that’s about all I can tell you…


While we were there, we also ordered their Tiramisu Pot Plant ($10). I’ve been wanting to eat an edible pot plant ever since watching Heston’s TV shows and this one didn’t disappoint, it was awesome eating dirt! The oreo biscuit soil was crunchy, the creamy layer wasn’t too sweet and the lady-fingers had a strong espresso flavour.


It’s going to take a bit more time for me to develop a better specialty coffee palate, but I am thankful that Steven took the time to educate us!


73 Glebe Point Rd Glebe, NSW 2037
0423 491 199


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2 thoughts on “Brewristas – Glebe

  1. chocolatesuze says:

    im a bit of a coffee noob too so love that the people at brewristas are super patient and take the time to explain their coffee!

  2. Sammy says:

    Nice! – it takes a while to get the flavour characteristics I find. Awesome that you get to try the different brews and beans!

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