The Tuckshop – Glenhaven


The Tuckshop is a cool suburban cafe located not too far from where I used to go to school, they are an offshoot by the guys who brought us The Baron in Castle Hill.  Continue reading

Mooberry – Neutral Bay


I popped into Mooberry in Neutral Bay a fortnight ago for an afternoon of chocolate indulgence. Unlike most places that sell frozen yoghurt (aka froyo), Mooberry is a dessert and breakfast bar.

Upon entering the Military Road shop front, it was clear that the three-storey venue with funky décor is a cool and relaxing place to hang out. Continue reading

Daiwa Sushi – Tsukiji Fish Market

DSC01883We visited Tokyo’s Tsukiji Fish Market – the world’s largest fish market twice. The first time we got there was on a Wednesday and the market was closed. They are closed on certain days of the year, so check their website before you go!

Since we had familiarised ourselves with Tsukiji Fish Market on our first attempt, we knew exactly how to walk to Building 6 which houses two of the most famous sushi bars in the fish market – Daiwa Sushi and Sushi Dai. Our eyes were set on the kanji characters 大和寿司, Daiwa Sushi. Continue reading

The Baron – Castle Hill


Friends have been telling me to check out The Baron at Castle Hill for a while now, so I finally went with two friends on a Sunday morning to see what the hype was about.IMG_3717

We parked at Castle Towers and spent some time locating the cafe as we thought it would be at The Piazza where most of the restaurants and cafes were. When we eventually found The Baron, we were glad we didn’t just drop by any old cafe. Continue reading

Chicken & Fishhead – Beecroft


Tammy is back in Sydney for a month, she’s been up in Darwin for the past few months spending time with the indigenous community and providing them with legal aid. Tammy’s back for her admission as a lawyer as well as attend a couple of weddings. I enjoy spending time with Tammy and I am always encouraged by her passion for the marginalised which is characterised by her love for Christ.

We were initially going to catch up at a cafe closer to Tammy’s home, but they were closed so we decided to go to Beecroft to see what was open. After parking the car, we walked past a store called Chicken & Fishhead with kids clothing displayed on its shop front, we peeked in and noticed that the kidswear store also had a tiny cafe that served breakfast, lunch and dinner. Continue reading