Tim Ho Wan – Chatswood

THW entrance

Tim Ho Wan, the world’s cheapest Michelin-starred restaurant is now on our doorstep in Chatswood, Sydney! Serving yum cha from 10am to 9pm everyday, a bunch of friends and I were on holidays/lunch break and started waiting at 10.30am on a Friday. The queue was looooooooong and got even longer as time went on… Continue reading

PappaRich – Chatswood


I headed to Chatswood for dinner on Saturday after hearing news that they’ve opened a new Malaysian restaurant- PappaRich. As expected, we were met with long queues and we waited for a good 45 minutes for a table for two. Continue reading

Kam Fook – Chatswood


With the restaurant booked out for their big day, Wendy and Samuel had about 300 guests present at Kam Fook Restaurant to celebrate the start of their marriage. Kam Fook at Chatswood Westfield Shoppingtown is a popular Chinese reception venue due to its high ceilings, traditional decor, location, food and the capacity to sit the entire village. Continue reading

Mamak – Chatswood


We were catching up with John (our pastor) & his lovely wife Jean after church when Jean asked us whether we wanted to go to Mamak for lunch. Whilst I was excited, I was also apprehensive about the queue. John & Jean assured us that the queue would be gone by late lunchtime- and they were right, although Mamak was still packed, we were immediately seated. Continue reading

Sushi-Ya – Chatswood


Sushi-Ya is located down the road from Westfield & Chatswood Chase where there is less hustle and bustle.

My family & I have been eating at Sushi-Ya for a number of years. This place has become one of our favourite Japanese restaurants to go to for a casual weekend dinner. Continue reading