Kyoto Ramen Koji

G’day Foodsaurus readers! Sorry for the lack of posts over the past few months, I’ve been busy with other areas of life. I know it’s mid-March but Happy 2015! I realise that I still have a couple of posts from Japan that I’d love to share with you… so here’s one from Kyoto!

kyotoramen4As a Japanese ramen lover, I was super excited when we arrived in Kyoto and discovered that JR Kyoto Station had an entire floor dedicated to ramen noodles!

I wanted to eat my way through all eight shops, but I only managed to visit three times. Each shop has its own specialties from different parts of the country so it can take a while to decide especially if it’s all in Japanese. Continue reading

Osaka Takoyaki Museum


Takoyaki makes me go nomnomnom. Takoyaki is a Japanese fast food that is made with a flour-based batter and typically filled with octopus and topped with a special sauce, kewpie mayonnaise, spring onion and bonita flakes.

These delicious octopus balls originally became popular in Osaka, so it was fitting that this city had its own museum dedicated to the snack. Continue reading

Mooberry – Neutral Bay


I popped into Mooberry in Neutral Bay a fortnight ago for an afternoon of chocolate indulgence. Unlike most places that sell frozen yoghurt (aka froyo), Mooberry is a dessert and breakfast bar.

Upon entering the Military Road shop front, it was clear that the three-storey venue with funky décor is a cool and relaxing place to hang out. Continue reading

The Instant Ramen Museum – Osaka


While we were in Osaka, we visited The Instant Ramen Museum in Ikeda. This is where the humble packet of instant noodles started. This museum is every 2 minute-noodle fan’s dream, there’s no admission fee and there’s lots to see, do and eat (the eating part costs ¥). Continue reading

Ichiran Ramen – Shinjuku


Ichiran is a popular ramen noodle chain in Japan and we went based on the recommendation of our friends, Jason and Gloria. The one we visited was in Shinjuku Tokyo and although we couldn’t work out how to read the address, we were able to find it by walking towards the shops once getting out of JR Shinjuku Station’s Higashi exit.

This store is open 24/7 and they specialise in one product – the classic tonkotsu ramen. Continue reading

Bourke Street Bakery – Surry Hills


I can finally tick Bourke Street Bakery off my Sydney food adventure list! Peter and I drove to Surry Hills a few Saturdays ago and managed to find street parking not too far from Bourke St. As this famous little bakery is known for its long queues, it was not surprising that we knew we were there when we saw a queue in front of a corner building. Continue reading

Malay-Chinese Takeaway – Sydney CBD


I love a good curry laksa. Vermicelli and or egg noodles in a rich, flavoursome, spicy, coconut milk broth topped with chicken, tofu puffs and bean sprouts and a good dose of sambal paste. Continue reading

Eveleigh Farmers’ Market


My friends and I woke up early to visit Eveleigh Farmers’ Market a couple of Saturdays agoThis market had a really good vibe to it, people were friendly which created a great sense of community.

With over 70 regular stalls, we were able to buy fresh produce to cook later that night as well as eat cooked food and drink a good cup of coffee at the markets. Many stalls give you free samples to try before you buy, so you can get pretty full from walking around! Continue reading

Food Trucks in Parramatta


Having looked at mouthwatering photos from Sydney Food Trucks for months, I was finally able to taste some food last Thursday.

I was only expecting to see one truck however when Shuvs and I arrived in Parramatta’s Church Street Mall we saw not one but four -imagine our level of excitement as we thought about all the different food we could try! Continue reading

Menya Noodle Bar – Chinatown


A few Saturdays ago, I had lunch at Menya Noodle Bar in Chinatown. Despite the time being close to 3pm when we arrived,  this little shop in Haymarket was still very busy serving out bowls of ramen. Continue reading