Let’s Do Dessert 2014: Shangri-La

letsdodessert3There’s only a couple of days left of October, but I thought I’d try to get this post in before Good Food Month is officially over.

I generally only go to one Let’s Do Dessert event each year… mainly due to poor planning but also because the cost adds up quite quickly! 
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Heston’s Bacon and Egg Ice Cream


A couple of months ago, Cooking Crew went to K&K’s housewarming party. We had a lot of good food that night, but Jason’s attempt at one of Heston Blumenthal’s signature dishes from The Fat Duck created a memorable experience for everyone. Continue reading

Let’s Do Dessert 2013: Glass Brasserie


Last night I squeezed in a last-minute “Let’s Do Dessert” (formally known as “Sugar Hits”) before the end of October’s Good Food Month.

After going to a farewell dinner for my colleague Yvette (I will blog about Mejico soon!), I went to Glass Brasserie at Hilton Sydney for a late night indulgence with friends who had just finished a wedding rehearsal. Continue reading

Homemade Snow Egg


I hosted a small dinner party at home for my birthday this year. I cooked two courses and asked my dessert king friends Jason & Sammy to make the dessert. Jason & Sammy decided to attempt the famous Snow Egg created by Peter Gilmore from the 3 Hatted restaurant, Quay. Continue reading

Sugar Hit 2012: Sofitel Sydney Wentworth

Believe it or not, this was my first ever Sugar Hit! My friends have been going to Sugar Hit through Crave Sydney International Food Festival (previously known as Good Food Month) during October for a number of years – I finally joined them this year. Continue reading

Matcha Green Tea Crème Brûlée


If you’ve been following Foodsaurus, you might have noticed that I love green tea flavoured food.

About a month ago, I picked up a Crème Brûlée Set which included a blowtorch and four small ramekins at Victoria’s Basement after my mum convinced me to buy it so that she can borrow it in the future. Continue reading

Five Spices – Hunters Hill


Eleven of us celebrated Jason’s belated birthday at Five Spices over the weekend. We walked into what looked like a suburban home and were greeted by a friendly waitress who showed us our table in a private dining area.

Five Spices had a cozy homelike ambience, the decor was a mixture of old and new; including stone brick walls, various lighting features, paintings and a fireplace. Continue reading

Cooking Crew Feast


I’ve been cooking with my “Cooking Crew” for a couple of years now, we’re a group of friends who share a few things in common- but mainly we love food and we love Jesus. We know each other from going to the same church and realised that we like to cook & eat – so one day we thought why not cook & eat together?

This time we invited friends from other friendship circles to join us in our culinary adventures, it was a great opportunity to get to know new friends through cooking, eating and playing some Jenga. Continue reading

1-2-3 Crepes


I love crepes, they’re light, easy to make, it uses everyday ingredients and you can serve it as a sweet treat or as a savoury meal.

This crepe recipe is literally as easy as one, two and three! Special thanks to Peter for making this for breakfast! Continue reading

Caffé Bom – Eastwood

IMG_2757I recently discovered Caffé Bom on the Korean side of Eastwood, what attracted me into cafe was the dutch coffee filter displayed near the entrance. According to the staff, the coffee is slowly drip-brewed over 8 to 12 hours with cold water and fine ground coffee beans. Continue reading