Pu’er – Waterloo

puer_osmanthusphoenixWith the tea name of Pu’er, this chic Waterloo eatery not only serves Chinese food with a Western flair, it is also a tea house with an extensive tea collection imported from China.

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The Tuckshop – Glenhaven


The Tuckshop is a cool suburban cafe located not too far from where I used to go to school, they are an offshoot by the guys who brought us The Baron in Castle Hill.  Continue reading

Brewtown – Newtown

DSC03269 I’ve been craving a cronut since I first heard about the craze in NYC… so I’ve been wanting to visit Brewtown for a while as they are one of the few (but growing) places offering cronuts in Sydney at the moment. If you’re unfamiliar with “cronut” it’s basically a crossover between a croissant and a donut that was created by chef Dominique Ansel. The Cronut became a popular phenomenon and TIME magazine even named the pastry as one of “The 25 Best Inventions of the Year 2013”! Continue reading

Ichiran Ramen – Shinjuku


Ichiran is a popular ramen noodle chain in Japan and we went based on the recommendation of our friends, Jason and Gloria. The one we visited was in Shinjuku Tokyo and although we couldn’t work out how to read the address, we were able to find it by walking towards the shops once getting out of JR Shinjuku Station’s Higashi exit.

This store is open 24/7 and they specialise in one product – the classic tonkotsu ramen. Continue reading

The Village- Potts Point

DSC01338I was recently invited to The Village in Potts Point to taste their new Ladies Lunch package, it was a pleasure to attend this event with my mum.

Upon entering The Village, we were greeted by a friendly waitress who led us to our table in the open and relaxing dining area which overlooked the courtyard and bar. Once seated, we were offered a glass of bubbly and two small plates of olives and mixed nuts to share. Continue reading

Muse Kitchen – Hunter Valley


Foodsaurus is finally back from an extended break. I hope you are enjoying 2014 so far! To be honest, I haven’t been eating out much since mid-December when I took the plunge and invested in a Thermomix, an awesome kitchen gadget that has made home cooking quick, easy and fun.

Since I still have a few Hunter Valley posts from last year, thought I’d start off with this post on Muse Kitchen, sister of the hatted Muse Restaurant in the Hunter. Muse Restaurant was closed for a private function on our last day so we drove to Muse Kitchen which is located at the beautiful Keith Tulloch’s winery for lunch. Continue reading

Momofuku Seiobo- Sydney


About 3 years ago, I was having lunch with my friends Jazz and Grace. At the time Jazz was single and didn’t think she would ever get a date. Grace and I thought this was silly and placed a bet with her, our bet was that if she was still single by the time she turned 26 we would give her $100 each but if she was in a serious relationship by 26 – she would give us each $100. It was a deal. Not long after this bet, she started dating a great guy and they got married last year. To celebrate our win, we decided that we would contribute the amount towards a good meal… and finally earlier this month we went to Momofuku Seiōbo for lunch! Continue reading

Basil’s Seafood Restaurant – Marsfield


Basil’s Seafood Restaurant is a hidden gem in Marsfield. I first discovered this with my family a couple of years ago when my dad received a gift voucher for Basil’s as a Christmas gift for being on a school board.

I recently visited Basil’s again, this time for lunch to celebrate a friend’s birthday and to catch up. The three of us decided to have their $39 lunch special which was a 2-course menu with a glass of NZ wine. Continue reading

Ceci Korean Restaurant – Strathfield


My friend Tiffany and I caught up at Strathfield on Saturday for lunch. It was the second time I’ve been to Strathfield and we chose the cuisine that Strathfield is known for- Korean food.

There were a number of Korean restaurants to choose from. However, whilst looking at the menu outside Ceci Korean Restaurant, a friendly waiter came out and introduced Ceci’s menu to us so we decided to dine there. Continue reading

Chicken & Fishhead – Beecroft


Tammy is back in Sydney for a month, she’s been up in Darwin for the past few months spending time with the indigenous community and providing them with legal aid. Tammy’s back for her admission as a lawyer as well as attend a couple of weddings. I enjoy spending time with Tammy and I am always encouraged by her passion for the marginalised which is characterised by her love for Christ.

We were initially going to catch up at a cafe closer to Tammy’s home, but they were closed so we decided to go to Beecroft to see what was open. After parking the car, we walked past a store called Chicken & Fishhead with kids clothing displayed on its shop front, we peeked in and noticed that the kidswear store also had a tiny cafe that served breakfast, lunch and dinner. Continue reading