Tomato, Onion and Pear Relish


Mmmm relish! I’ve never made relish before, but since we’re having a BBQ this Saturday and we don’t have any ketchup…I thought I’d try my hand at making relish with whatever I had in my pantry using the Thermomix. Continue reading

Hong Kong Style Egg Tarts


Egg Tarts were a real treat growing up, my family would order a plate of these at yum cha and we’d also buy them from a Chinese bakery once in a while. Egg tarts are a variation of the English Custard Tart, minus the spice. The buttery pastry combined with the delicate custard makes it a moreish brekkie/arvo tea/dessert/supper/snack! And in my opinion, the Cantonese version tastes better than the original 😛

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Steamed Mussels with Chilli Tomato Sauce


I never used to cook mussels as it was in my ‘too-hard basket’, this was until I started using the steaming function on my Thermomix. I’ve made these mussels a number of times now and it’s always a crowd-pleaser. I think my friends and family love it because the mussels don’t get overcooked and the sauce is infused with seafood essence. Make sure you have some crusty bread ready as people love dipping their bread into any left-over sauce! Continue reading

Super Quick Watermelon Sorbet & Granita


I’ve had my Thermomix for almost 3 months now, I first saw it in action 9 months ago at a home demonstration. The demo was more like a feast as the consultant whipped up 9 dishes in 3 hours for the 12 of us. I was very impressed by this kitchen appliance and spent the next 6 months thinking about the price tag and doing my own research on this gadget with over 20 functions. What eventually convinced us that this was worth the money was seeing my mum use her “Thermie” daily to make all sorts of dishes- food that she would not have otherwise made if it weren’t for her Thermomix. Continue reading